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Original - Our best-seller and at one time our only flavor! Featuring the distinctive green bottle, our Original formula is beloved for its blend of white grape juice with the amino-acid and nutrient rich aloe vera pulp and juice. The result is our most popular, understated flavor. Sabila’s Original Aloe is a unique and deliciously refreshing drink that’s perfect for today’s health-conscious consumers. Try one today!

Mango - Sabila is leading the way for the exotic mango flavor as it enters mainstream America! The vitamin-rich mango, widely known as ‘The King of Fruit”, was just too healthy to not make one of our flagship flavors! We at Sabila mixed 100% mango juice with aloe vera juice and pulp to create Sabila Mango Aloe. Our top priority was to deliver the authentic taste of India and Southeast Asia’s beloved fruit to stores everywhere, and we think we pulled it off with Sabila Mango Aloe. Try one and tell us what you think!

Pomegranate – For the legions of pomegranate juice fans out there, behold the wonder of Sabila Pomegranate Aloe! This formula is full of amino acids and anti-oxidants, and tastes downright delicious! Given the soaring popularity of pomegranates in America over the last decade and the long list of health benefits associated with its delicious juice, it was an easy decision for the people at Sabila to release Pomegranate Aloe as one of our flagship flavors. Pick up a Sabila Pomegranate Aloe today!

Pineapple - The most authentic, addictive pineapple drink in the history of the American beverage industry. Loaded with over 160% of your daily VItamin C, nothing starts the day off like Sabila Pineapple Aloe. Crisp, clean, bold and refreshing, Sabila's Pineapple Aloe is the perfect blend of aloe vera pulp and pure pineapple juice. When you can't reach for a raw pineapple, nothing hits the spot like a Sabila!

Coconut - The people have spoken, and the most highly requested flavor in Sabila's short history is hitting shelves this June.... and why not? Sabila's Coconut Aloe Tastes Like Summer! With the soaring popularity of coconut water and aloe drinks, Sabila presents their Next Big Thing and the official drink of the summer-time: Sabila Coconut Aloe. Act Natural. Go All-Natural. Sabila Coconut Aloe: Tastes Like Summer!

Strawberry Kiwi - After a high volume of requests from our dedicated fans, we felt it would be a good idea to produce Strawberry Kiwi Sabila®. With a robust medley of the delicious Strawberry & Kiwi fruit flavor, and a low sugar and calorie content, this delicious Sabila® Aloe Drink flavor is an instant favorite amongst our fans. Don’t hesitate to ask the person behind the counter if they have this one it stock, because it will most likely be sold out!

Peach Apple - Start every day with a Peach Apple Sabila® and we promise you’ll be happy with your choice. High in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B9, C, E, potassium, and alkaline, it’s a “no brainer” to consume Peach Apple Sabila® Aloe Drink. People ask how we get such an authentic tasting flavor in each bottle and we say it’s easy, fresh peach juice, apple juice, water, and some aloe pulp & juice then bam! Sabila® Aloe Drink Tatses so good you’ll smile.®